Additional Learning Opportunities

School VisitsCentral to the Omaha Performing Arts mission are education and community involvement programs that encourage young people and adults to more fully appreciate, understand and participate in the performing arts. These programs range from one-time encounters with performing artists to in-depth immersive experiences, including community forums, workshops, one-on-one training opportunities and school visits. 


Nebraska High School Theatre Awards

Celebrating Excellence in High School Musical Theatre


Wicked Anti-Bullying Summit

Wicked Anti-Bullying Summit

Thursday, May 8, 2013
Orpheum Theater & Holland Center

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Performing Artists in Schools

Omaha Performing Arts brings together outstanding performing artists and local students through its Artists Encounters. Part of the Education and Community Involvement program, Artists Encounters allow students to learn from performing arts professionals through a variety of activities which range from one-time encounters to in-depth immersive experiences—school visits, workshops, week-long residencies or one-on-one training, etc. These educational services are offered free to qualified schools and organizations.

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Wicked Anti-Bullying Summit

WAR HORSE Teacher Guide

Thursday, May 7-25, 2014
Orpheum Theater

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Omaha Performing Arts Diversity Internship

Apply Now!
Deadline: March 10, 2014

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