Nebraska High School Theater Academy adjudicators provide schools with educationally focused feedback on their musical theater productions. Each participating high school’s production will be evaluated by three different adjudicators.






Adjudication process

Omaha Performing Arts will inform schools of their scheduled adjudication dates. Once an adjudication date is determined, OPA staff will be in touch with the school’s primary contact person (usually the director or music director) to reserve complimentary tickets for each adjudicator. Tickets should be left at Will Call under the name “OPA Adjudicator.” Within one week of attending the performance, adjudicators will provide their feedback and scores to Omaha Performing Arts.


Adjudicators will complete a comprehensive response to the performance. Their feedback will include praise and constructive criticism, focusing on a production’s strengths and opportunities for growth. Omaha Performing Arts staff will email feedback to directors. Feedback is intended to serve as a learning tool for directors and students.


Adjudicators will score various production elements. These scores will be used to determine award recipients in various categories. Scores are kept confidential from all except the participating school’s adjudicators and Omaha Performing Arts.

Once the final high school musical theater production has been evaluated, the full panel of adjudicators will meet in a round-table setting to review the final scores. Omaha Performing Arts staff will notify award-winning schools and students with further information.

A note on double casting

If a school decides to double cast one or more roles, the school must select one set of cast members to be adjudicated. Please contact Omaha Performing Arts staff with information on which evenings the selected cast will be performing for the adjudication panel. It will not be possible to adjudicate multiple students for the same role.