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Life on the Vertical

May 22 2018 Holland Performing Arts Center

Mark Synnott is a man ever on the brink of new discovery. A big wall rock-climber of the highest order, he’s made legendary first ascents of some of the world’s tallest, most forbidding walls, from Baffin Island to Pakistan.

A Planet to Call Home

Feb 19 2019 Holland Performing Arts Center

Dr. Ellen Stofan explores the connection between climate and the possibility of life on other planets in our solar system to help us better understand Earth’s past, present and future. The worlds of our solar system are far apart, yet some are connected by two themes: life and climate. Each of them holds key information to Earth’s past, present and future.

Capturing the Impossible

Mar 19 2019 Holland Performing Arts Center

Filmmaker Bryan Smith loves an extreme challenge – and if it involves frostbite, angry locals with machetes or ice climbing Niagara Falls, that’s where you’ll find him.

Social by Nature

Apr 16 2019 Holland Performing Arts Center

Join biologist turned photographer Donovan as he talks about his work in documenting animals and what we, as fellow social mammals, can learn from them.